Installing a Water Heater is for the Experts

Installing water heaters is a task that is best left to a professional plumber. There are a lot of things to take into consideration, such as determining whether you want gas or electric; making sure that you follow strict municipal plumbing codes properly; deciding how much physical space you have to work with; and if you want to change the size of the water heater. In the majority of cases, it is best to call a plumbing company in Hollywood, FL when installing a water heater. After a long day at work, we all dream of a nice relaxing bath, so once your new water heater is up and running and the water heats up, you will be able to take it.

When installing a water heater the water supply should be turned off (via the main water shutoff valve). Depending whether an electric or gas water heater is removed, using the main gas shutoff valve or shutting off the electricity to the unit through the main circuit breaker is essential. Due to the importance of these three steps, it is always a good idea to have peace of mind and contact a professional.

Complexities of Installation

There is a variety of things that must be done properly when installing water heaters, such as disconnecting electricity or gas, the water lines, and the flue. These all demand homeowners to have an extensive knowledge and a very good idea of the job they are about to perform, along with all tools and equipment that not every average homeowner has available.

When the old water heater is properly disconnected, it should be removed before the new one can take its place. Bare in mind that water heaters are large, heavy objects. Even when you use an appliance dolly, it is still a two-men job, particularly if stairs are an obstacle. When the new heater is in its place, it must be leveled to ensure it sits flat on the ground and lined up precisely with the existing plumbing. Then, the new water heater’s fittings have to be installed. The temperature, discharge drain pipe, and pressure relief valve are all critical safety components that must be installed flawlessly, and can only be done correctly with either joint compound (galvanized steel) or Teflon tape (copper). The most essential part of reattaching the water lines is to connect them using dielectric unions in order to prevent an electro-galvanic reaction, electrolysis, which can severely damage your water heater and pipes.

Due to the complicated and varied facets of installing a water heater, such a task is best left to a truly professional plumber. They can ensure that all aspects of the project are done not only properly and on time, but up to code standards as well. If you want a reliable and reputable plumbing company tackle the installation of your water heater then you should consult the water heaters specialists from D Paul Plumbing Repair Service in Hollywood, FL. Do not leave that essential task in the hands of mediocre plumbers! Hurry up and make your water heats up!

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